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Blended Elementary Program



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Students enrolled in a SD 54 (Bulkley Valley) elementary school may choose to work in a dual-enrolment program with BVEC. Depending on their needs, your child may work at home one or two days a week. Your BVEC teacher will guide the program using a Student Learning Plan based on your child’s learning style. Some students opt to blend for enrichment at home, additional support with reading, writing and math or for health reasons.

If you are interested in a dual-enrolment (blended) program, it is important to speak to your child’s teacher as well as the principal at the school to ensure a dual-enrolment program would be beneficial and supported by the school. Students will need to be registered with their in-person school and attend at least 3 days per week.

Dual-enrolment is not an option for students in French Immersion as it is expected that students are fully immersed in learning French, requiring daily attendance and participation in activities at their school.