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Below are completed overviews of the systems at each school

A Ventilation Improvement Poster (link below) has also been provided by the District to inform students, staff and the public on operational changes to facility ventilation systems:


Should you have further questions about ventilation, please contact our Maintenance team at:

Ventilation systems


When it comes to working to keep our schools as safe as possible, there are many layers of protocols and practices that are working together. One of the measures we have in place are our ventilation systems, that are being carefully kept in good working order, to help increase the amount of clean air entering our schools and classrooms.

Our Facilities team has been working diligently to make sure our schools are maximizing our systems at each site. Here are some things to know about ventilation in Bulkley Valley schools:

Thanks to the newer construction of one school and the upgrading of several other schools, we are meeting or exceeding the recommended standards wherever possible:

  • All filters – at every school and site – were replaced and upgraded to MERV-8 or 13 air filters and will be replaced on regular intervals throughout the year;
  • Increased the amount of outside air that comes into our facilities, ensuring more air changes of clean air (either filtered or fresh) every hour;
  • Expanded HVAC operating hours in all facilities ensuring greater air flow and recirculation throughout day; (6:30 am – 8:30 pm)
  • Lowered the set-point in all buildings with the CO2 sensors from 1000ppm to 800ppm to ensure a higher concentration of outside air during occupancy;
  • Set fan speeds in schools with variable frequency drives at higher speeds during occupancy.