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Responsibility of Parents


Responsibility of Parents for


Bulkley Valley Education Connection requires parents of students in the online learning program to assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide time, structure and support in order to create an optimum learning environment for their child(ren).
  2. Meet/communicate with the BVEC teacher to develop a Student Learning Plan in order to plan learning activities and programs for their child(ren) based on the Ministry of Education requirements and their child(ren)’s needs.
  3. Advise the BVEC teacher about what materials and resources they feel would best meet the student(s)’ needs and their learning environment. These resources must adequately reflect the curricular competencies and content with the BC curriculum (please see:
  4. Submit their child(ren)’s work on a regular basis to the BVEC teacher so that feedback and any required additional support can be given. Regular submissions of student work also provides the teacher with ongoing “evidence of learning” that the teacher needs to guide the parent and/or child. Submissions in all curricular areas should be provided every two to three weeks (face to face, through email, Seesaw (elementary program) and/or Moodle).
  5. Properly care for and return any learning resources loaned to students.