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Safety and Behaviour


Safety and behaviour


1. School buses are an extension of the school and students will be responsible to their school principal for discipline as if they were in a school building.
2. Students must follow instructions of the bus drivers. Misbehaviour on school buses may be reported to the principal and such misbehaviour could result in suspension of riding privileges.
3. Passenger conduct must be orderly at all times so as to provide a safe environment.
4. Accordingly, the following rules will be strictly enforced
  • There is to be no moving around on the buses while in motion. Students are to remain in their seats until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  •  Students shall take seats assigned to them by the bus driver when told to do so.
  • Students are not to put their heads or arms out of open windows.
  • Eating of lunches or other articles of food on the bus shall be at the discretion of the bus driver.
  • Students are to refrain from throwing articles and must not drop or leave garbage, paper, or any other refuse on the bus.
  • While talking among students is permitted, there is to be no undue noise, particularly at railway crossings and intersections.
  • Profanity will not be permitted.
  • There will be no smoking on school buses.
5. Students must line up for the bus as instructed by the driver or school personnel, prior to boarding the bus. Pushing or shoving will not be permitted.
6. Students will be picked up or let off at designated school bus stops only.
7. Students crossing the road must do so at a safe distance in front of the bus while the loading lights are operating.
8. Snowballs must not be thrown in bus loading areas.
9. Any intentional or negligent act of a student that destroys or damages property of the School Board, that student and that student’s parents are jointly and severally liable to the Board in respect of the act of that student.
10. Drivers shall report all student accidents to the Supervisor – Transportation Services or his/her designate and the principal as required.