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Use of Student Learning Funds


Use of Student


Full time BVEC students are eligible for student funding to support their Student Learning Plans.

  • Discuss with your child(ren)’s teacher the areas of need with your child(ren)’s Student Learning Plan.
  • In consultation, decide on the most appropriate use of the student funding. Students can use learning support funds towards lessons that support their learning goals and skill development (music, dance, sports). Service providers must provide a written summary of the skills learned over the span of the lessons.
  • Provide BVEC administration with the ordering information (if purchasing consumable workbooks or other materials) or the invoice for the services provided. Invoice must include the student’s name, what the invoice is for, a mailing address and cost.
  • BVEC will arrange for the ordering and/or payment of the services/resources. At no time can BVEC provide reimbursement to parents for items or services paid for by parents.
  • All resource requests/invoices must be submitted no later than the last day of April of each school year.
  • Student learning funds cannot be carried forward from year to year.
Criteria for Acceptable Purchases:
  • All purchases/third party services must be directly related to the completion of a portion of the Student Learning Plan (and must be documented in the SLP).
  • All purchases/third party services must be pre-approved by BVEC administration.
  • All third party services must be from approved vendors. If the child is not accompanied by the parent during the lesson, a criminal record check must be provided.
Acceptable Purchases Include:
  • The meeting of curricular competencies in Fine Arts, Physical Education and Applied Skills through lessons.
  • Memberships in clubs that support learning (astronomer’s club, photography club).
  • Some consumable supplies (canvases, paint) – please ask your teacher.
  • Consumable workbooks that are not faith-based.
  • Printer paper and ink.
  • Internet costs (starting 2022/23 school year) to a maximum of $600 per family
  • Items that are purchased with student funding that are not consumables, must be returned to the BVEC program at the end of the school year.
  • Regular school supplies are not considered a valid purchase using the student learning fund.

Learning support funds are not accessible until after October 3rd of each year and February 15th for students enrolling between October 1st and February 1st.